I started working in web apps development some 12 years ago. I've seen a lot of code in my time, some good, some bad.
And since bad code gives me headache I don't write bad code ... or at least I do my best not to.

Anything of the following is fair game:
  • PHP 7+
  • CakePHP4 (rapid app development is my jam)
  • HTML support (HTML5, CSS3, native JS && jQuery)
  • Perl (both old-school && OOP)
  • GIT
  • CI/CD (jenkins, git{lab|hub} - let the machine do the work)
  • Linux admin
    • you want to run your website on your VPS - yes, we can
    • your own email server - sure thing
    • have your data safely in the cloud you host on your VPS - been there, done that
I'm pretty sure I've not listed all I came across in my many years in the field, so there are probably quite a few more things with which I can help you.

So if you need help with something not listed here, contact me anyway. I'm a quick study and we will probably work something out.

Worst case scenario - I'll refer you to someone I know who deals with your kind of tech.

Most things are negotiable and obviously we can smooth over the details face2face via videochat.

So in case you're looking for a straight forward and result driven companion on your project, please, contact me.